When we said goodbye to our bamboo raft, we headed to Bangkok. Bangkok is not the nicest place in the world – really busy and a lot of pollution. We booked in a different area than last time. This was noticeable in many ways the only shops around were silver and suit stores. The guesthouse

When we arrived in Ayuthaya it was a breeze of fresh air. Our guesthouse was set in an old school building and the staff was really friendly. The first day we relaxed a bit and went for a nice dinner at a local restaurant. Then the rain hit. We thought to wait it out, but

Bangkok is a city with many faces. It is a great city to spend 3 days but after that you will go crazy. Yesterday we went to china town. After changing our hotel to a guesthouse with our own little balcony. Then we embarked on our adventure to china town. A distance of 6 km

From Journeys to journey So there we were London Heathrow. All packed up and ready to go. The first leg of was an easy ride. Saw the sunset from 37000 ft and landed in DOHA. Wow what a fancy airport that is! But there was no time for looking around our next plane was already

I feel like an astronaut waiting to go up in space. This weekend was the weekend of goodbyes. The weekend of friends new and old. I will miss all of them. The most important thing is what do we bring on our trip? It is hard finding a balance between weight and comfort. So what are

So that was it my last night shift. No more journeys. After a year and 3 months you might think I have some stories. Where to begin…….

The Chinese woman or the night of the knife.

Or maybe all the wonderful people who I had the pleasure to meet.

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The most important thing I have learned at journeys is how to read people their behavior and how to react to that. The other thing I have learned is that you can do so much more than you think.



The biggest thing is that I met my girlfriend there. She is one of the most positive persons that I met.

So where to start??? September 20th 2011 After a 15 hour bus ride from the Netherlands I arrived in London at 6 in the morning. When arriving at journeys there was a long blond-haired guy sitting in reception. When he saw I was Dutch he said his girlfriend was dutch too. He introduced himself as Alec. While staying at journeys for 2 months it became my home away from home.

1462578_10151797206698775_1420227424_o969318_10152308453154196_1007125735_nEven after moving out I kept coming back. On the way home from clubbing I would stop at journeys for reeses. Last year i got the call ‘we have an open position and it is yours if you want it”. I did not hesitate for a second and took the job. Now 15 months later I am proud to say I have worked with a great team who got each others  backs.

photo 1 I am going to miss this crazy place.

Only 4 days left before our great adventure.

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7 days before we are wheels up and headed for south-east Asia. It was a sunny day in may when we decided that we would go to this corner of the world. After clicking book now it was quiet for a few seconds and then we said here we go. Now 118 days later we

My London is a time-lapse video made by Sebastiaan Hamming. In this video you see time lapses of buzzing London. It shows how many people walk the streets of London and takes you past all the places London is famous for. See it for yourself and enjoy!